Doll Quilt

One of the ladies who first got me into quilting is a very big-hearted person named Bree. Bree has undertaken a massive and generous project called Quilt For the Kids where she’s promised a quilt a week for her local children’s hospital. Please check out her blog for more information.

I got a new needle and more pink thread and I was able to get my quilt finished! I had a bunch of 1.5 inch scraps, too small for binding, and a need to practice free-motion quilting, so I decided to put them together and make a quilt for Violet. My toddler is always tucking her in and putting her to sleep, so I figured this way she wouldn’t have to use her own blankie.

I laid it out first and took a picture so that I could finish it whenever I had a moment and not need to leave the scraps laid out in that position. More than one ended up in a baby’s mouth.


It’s quite long laid out like that, but 1.5 inch wide strips and a 1/4 inch seam allowance, it shrinks up a lot when sewn together.


The back is just scraps leftover from another project pieced together.


For the binding, I trimmed the front and the batting to the finished dimensions and trimmed the back to 3/4 inch around that. I folded 1/4 of the back over and pressed it, then zig-zag stitched it to the front.

It’s a little crooked and a little puckered, but I was able to fix the tension issues I’d been having (not threading the machine properly) and get some experience with free-motion quilting before I tackled my next, much larger project.

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