The Birthday Girl

Here is my now 2-year-old enjoying some of her box o’ crocheted goodies.


Happy birthday to my little girl! (Almost a month later.)

I’d mentioned in my last post that the next pattern update was going to be quilty, but I broke the last needle for my sewing machine yesterday, so the quilt I’m working on will not be ready. Instead there will be a new crochet pattern up, and the quilty one will be up the following week. (Hopefully. If I can get more needles in a timely fashion.)

2 responses to “The Birthday Girl

  1. What a great spread. I have a bunch of food made up for a Christmas present I am shipping across country. You just gave me an image of what it will all look like.She is one lucky child to have so many wonderful crocheted toys to play with. Great job.

  2. Thank you! 😀

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